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As defined within its mission statement, CADETECH is committed to a people-focused management, protecting the physical integrity and health of our workers, and those interacting with us from a different company as well. Also, it commits to assess and minimize the environmental impact of its operations, as well as collaborating to the community's development.

To ensure that each one of our workplaces, current or future ones, will be managed according to the following commitments:

1. Comply with current legislation and voluntary underwritten commitments in relation with safety, occupational health and environment, collaborating with the authorities in improving the applicable regulation.

2. Maintain auditable safety, occupational health, environment and community relation management system, effectively integrated to the habitual and daily activities, in a preventive and continuous improvement work framework.

3.Make sure that our Zero Damage goal towards people, the environment and the community comes first, above all of our other operational goals.

4. Identify, assess and control the danger, risks, aspects and impact of it's activities, products and services, which affect the safety, health, environment and the relation with the community, demanding an effective performance in fulfilling the action program.

5. Establish readiness and response mechanisms in face of potential accidents or emergency situations.

6. Demand a responsible behavior regarding safety, occupational health, environment and community relation to contractor companies.

7. Maintain a true, clear and timely communication and information with his workers, contractors, clients, providers, authorities, the community and other interested parties.

8. Consider the use of clean technologies, efficient use of resources and the use of protection, occupational health and environment in its processes, and in all the development stages of new businesses or projects.

9. Spread and promote its commitments in this present Policies among it's workers, contractors, providers and clients.