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Terms and conditions

This website has been developed under HTML, CSS and PHP programing languages and MySQL database engine. As a user of CADETECH's website ('www.cadetech.cl'), you are abide the following terms and conditions. As such you must oblige them in parts or the complete website.

When accessing the website, CADETECH grants you a license. When accessing the website you accept the terms and condiciones of this license.

Under this license, and without prejudice of CADETECH's absolute right to change the access to parts or the complete website, you acquire a non exclusive right to:

- See the content of this website.

- See the material contained in the website.

- Use this website in strict conformity the license dispositions.

If you wish to download and use any material contained in this website for a temporary purpose (reading it on-line, for example), you may do so.

However, the download of material contained in this website for its reproduction in other media can only be done after receiving the previous written contentment by CADETECH, and  the payment or any compensation determined by CADETECH for the use of this material.

The use of this Internet website is and shall be governed by the laws of Chile, excluding choice of laws principles.

An extensive version of the terms and conditions is found in the the ¨Términos y Condiciones” section, written in Spanish, in accordance with Chilean law. If you have any doubts about the extent of the license associated to this website, please contact us.

Any violation license can be be prosecuted under Chilean law.


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