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Failure analysis

With the goal of identifying the root cause and proposing the necessary steps to prevent their reoccurrence, our team of engineers apply a comprehensive methodology that begins with a field inspection of the asset, that involves:

> The structure.

> The materials.

> The maintenance plans.

This analysis is carried out based on real operational conditions, which are obtained from measurements, when feasible, or based on the process simulation, if necessary.

This way we determine failure mode and propose design or operation corrections.

This constitutes the foundation for:

> Identifying the failure mode and mechanisms.

> Designing improvements, mitigations or permanent solutions.

> Training the staff on the correct use of the equipment or structure.

Can be integrated with:

> Inspection planning

> FFS assessment

> RBIM assessment

Is complemented with:

> Strain, acceleration or other measurements

> Stress analysis by finite element modelling

> Process simulation