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SiAMFlex - MS®

Is a vibration monitoring system specially designed for hoist, crowd and swing transmissions in Electric Rope Shovels. It monitors the mechanical condition of the transmission components, enhancing the reliability and reducing unplanned stops.

In contrast with conventional equipments, whose analysis is based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), the SiAMFlex spectral analysis is based on a custom build Electric Rope Shovels algorithm.

The onboard acquisition and processing hardware in each shovel receive the vibration signals from a series of sensors strategically located in components of interest and high resolution tachometric signal from motors. SiAMFlex has the intelligence to select and store the most adequate signal segment for analysis. The data is automatically downloaded and processed for specialist's further detailed analysis.

CADETECH also offers the analysis service provided by a team of engineers with 8 years of experience and over 160 reports delivered.

Characteristics and benefits:

Detection and followup on defects and failure in gears and bearings, misalignment in motor – intake axle, loose components and structure resonance, among others..

Allows to prevent over 90% of the unplanned stops which involve the monitored mechanical components.

Reduction over 50% of MTTR in monitored components and associated failures.

Delivers objective information for maintenance planning.

Improves worker's safety by reducing or eliminating emergency repairs.

Tolerates unstable wireless networks, which can occur on open pit mobile equipment.

Robust high-performance equipment, measures and monitors during shovel regular operation.

Tools for spectral analysis, waveform and angular velocity, global values, trends, alerts and alarms, 3D spectro-temporal algorithm. Other characteristics are available upon request.

More than 20 installed and operational systems since year 2004 for wold-class mining clients.